These tips are to help make your move an easy process. Please let us know if we can help.

 1. Too save you time and money, please have all boxes packed and properly labeled to let us know which room and whether its fragile or not. If its a fragile item please mark in BIG letters so that we can handle with care.

6.Have a floor plan set up for your new home. Its stressful on moving day having to make multiple choices on were to arrange your furniture. If you have a floor plan already drawn up the movers can put everything were you would like it. Don't worry if you have to move it around again, our movers wont mind at all.e.

​5.Firearms: We ask that you carry all your firearms with you during the move. The state does not allow us to transport unless its in a locked case. If you do put them in a case, please make sure that they're unloaded. 

4.FLAT SCREENS: When packing for your move please make sure that you have a proper box for your flat screen tv's. They are the most sensitive item in the home and one wrong speed bump and your screen could crack or the color fade. We recommend a box with foam inside so that this doesnt happen. The other option is for us to wrap the tv and put it in your car and then once we get too your new home unload and set it back up. 

2. Make sure that you have a parking space for the box truck. The closer we are, the less time it will take us to move you.

3.Our guy"s move quickly and our goal is too get the move done safely and in the best time possible. We love pets but sometimes they can be in the way. If you could have them in a separate room it would insure the movers will be able to travel from the house to the truck with no problems.